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Areas of Expertise

Machine Learning

Through my formal training in electrical engineering, as well as the last 15 years of real-world experience with analyzing data from a myriad of domains, I have acquired deep expertise in the area of machine learning. More specifically, I have been developing both shallow (feature-engineered) and deep (end-to-end) learning algorithms to solve a variety of challenging problems in academia and industry. 


My academic research has been focused on studying the human brain from the perspective of an engineer: how does the brain encode information from its environment, and how can we perturb brain activity with safe, non-invasive stimulation techniques to allow it to function optimally? The pursuit of these questions has afforded me expertise in both neural decoding techniques, as well as understanding of how exogenous electromagnetic, optical, and ultrasonic stimuli affect brain function. 

Analysis of Sports Betting

Wagering on sports outcomes -- presently experiencing a resurgence in North America -- is a problem of statistical estimation in the presence of uncertainty. I have recently developed a set of statistical principles that provide the answers to the central questions facing the sports bettor: what matches should I wager on, and on whom should I wager? The resulting work has been peer-reviewed and published in the Public Library of Science, as well as being picked up by several scientific news outlets.  

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